Online Mentoring

There are currently several photography courses on the market. Therefore, the goal is to be able to offer something unique, specialized and completely personalized, something that cannot be offered anywhere else and that is based on my personal and professional experience both as a photographer and as an entrepreneur in the field of photography.

This program offers a totally personalized training, with the duration of a period chosen by the client, based simply on two things: where the client is with the photograph today and where he really wants to be at the end of that period.


  • A fully personalized program for photographers of all levels – from beginner to professional;
  • Programs lasting 1, 3 or 6 months;
  • No irrelevant information or waste of time – the program is developed exclusively for the client;
  • Scheduled, regular Skype meetings and email contact;
  • Regular projects, evaluations and reviews with complete intermediate and final evaluations;
  • Final portfolio of client images in digital or printed format;
  • Creating and / or editing and updating the client’s website;
  • Exploration of several themes:
    • Camera, composition, exposure, post-processing and printing;
    • Creating a sustainable photography business (how to make money from photography).


  • 4 weeks, 1 month – € 285
  • 12 weeks, 3 months – 785 €
  • 24 weeks, 6 months – 1375 €


Bank transfer:

Reservation – deposit of 50% of the value one week before starting the program.

The maximum number of participants at one time will be 5; therefore, if you are interested in booking your seat or simply want to talk to me about the program, get in touch.

In order to participate in the program, you must register online using the form below.

Contact me to know more

If you are interested in booking your space or simply chatting with me about the program, get in touch and I will respond as soon as possible.