Light & Shadow

The Shadow is everything we don’t want to be, but we are. It is everything that we try to hide from others and from ourselves. It is that unexpected fury that drives us to go against our own nature, it is that insane desire to fall into temptation. The Shadow, however, has a luminous, resplendent side, which we rarely see. If we know our Shadow, if we have the courage to look it in the face, we will discover a secret friend, who will accompany us all our lives. Instead of ignoring that power, instead of trying to repress the moments when we lose control of our lives, we must call on that force, embrace it, cherish it. And then we will discover that even in the darkest night the stars shine and that even in our darkest days we find the Light.

All images shown above are available for fine art printing in limited editions.

All prints are made to order in three sizes. Each print is reprocessed from the digital negative by Mike rijo in a method that resembles the traditional darkroom, being signed, dated and numbered on the front.

The images are printed on fine art paper Hahnemühle Baryta or Photo Rag, if you want another type of paper or another type of printing material and a specific measure above 100cm or below 50cm, please contact us.

Mike Rijo has as a partner the company “QUADROMOLDURAS” which is available to fill all your needs both in printing and in framing to measure.
Please send us an email for prices and orders, giving the title of the impression, the desired measure and if you want framing.


Printing information:

  • Limited edition of 12 prints | 50cmX50cm
  • Limited edition of 12 prints | 70cmX70cm
  • Limited edition of 12 prints | 100cmX100cm

> For higher or lower measurements please contact: