Mike Rijo

My name is Mike Rijo, I was born in Switzerland on January 17, 1989 and currently I live in Portugal, in the Algarve where I work as an architecture & interior photographer, product & gastronomy, lifestyle & travel and video. I am passionate about the benefits that photography brings us, both personally and professionally, considering that a photo expresses and sells more than a thousand words.

I have been working mostly as a commercial photographer without ever leaving my big goal: to build my dream of becoming a reference in the fine art market. I love being abroad, surrounded by the natural beauty of the world we live in. I am always surprised when I see a storm blowing the clouds over the coast, when I hear the waves crashing on the rocks or watch the sunlight go through the trees on a foggy morning. We are so lucky to have such beauty around us!

My approach to photography is more minimalist, eliminating objects that are outside the main object and using negative space intelligently. The goal is to reduce distraction by drawing attention to the main focus of the photograph. This simplicity opens the door to self-interpretation and humor, similar to what happens with abstract art, thus making photography a little more intimate.

With my love for photography and my personal and professional experience, I intend to teach, share, collaborate for a better and more conscious world using the extension of my eye, my camera.

My gear

I make a point of sharing and listing some of my equipment which I recommend with links. Please let me know if you’re having trouble finding the item you’re interested in. In addition, all the equipment I mention is for Nikon, but they manage to obtain exactly the same product from any other brand, you can differentiate is the price, some parameters and ergonomics mainly in relation to cameras.